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Makers of Precision Gun Barrels and the E.R. Shaw Mk. VII Custom Bolt Action Rifle.

Barrel Installation

Let our Gunsmithing Department fit an E. R. Shaw barrel to your bolt action. We can handle just about any turnbolt - Mausers (military, commercial and Siamese); Springfields, Enfields (P-14 and P17 only); all Remington 700 series, Winchester Model 70, Savage® 110 series, Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard, Ruger® 77, etc. Unfortunately, we do not install .22 rimfire, semi-autos, single shots, or levers. The only pistol that we rebarrel is the Remington XP-100.

Regrettably, we cannot alter commercial actions such as Remington, Winchester, Ruger®, Savage® etc. from Standard to Magnum calibers.

* Notice: All barrels must be fitted by a competent Gunsmith

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