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Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

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2012 NRA Annual Meeting

Visit us at booth #731, April 13-15, 2012
America's Center, St. Louis, Missouri

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"Best New Rifle 2009"

E.R. Shaw's Mk. VII poses for the July 2009 issue of Field & Stream, after being voted "Best New Rifle 2009."

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"New Classics"

I've seen many rifles come and go, but the ones that have come along in the past 10 years are a quantum leap past everything else.

You can still get a wood stock, but you also have a choice of synthetic stocks that are immune to anything short of a nuclear blast. Triggers are now terrific and owner adjustable. Over-the-counter big-game rifles now can outshoot the finest custom rifles of 20 years ago and equal most custom guns made today. Bluing is slowly being replaced by polymers that are everything-proof and eternal.

More changes are in store so hang on to your hat. –D.E.P.

Forget the eye-popping accuracy and strange-looking spiral-flute barrels. What gets the Mk. VII on this list is the fact that it represents the way rifles will be made in the future. Rather than having a standard line of models, Shaw offers the buyer 10,000 combinations of caliber, barrel dimensions, stock, right-or-left-hand, and on and on. The one I have is a minute-of-angle-gun, or a little better, and others I know of shoot just as well. For the price of a factory rifle, you get to design something that is yours and yours alone. You can see the full article on page # 73 of the December 2009/January 2010 issue of Field & Stream.